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In this post, I will show you how to create a contact form in google forms and also how to add contact form in blogger.

There will be all the steps available that will help you to create google forms in mobile.

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How to open Google Forms in Mobile?

Google uses subdomains for its services. Subdomains are like '' in which '' is the main domain.

Just like this, Goolge use such as the main domain of google is '' and the web address of its services is '', '' and so on.

The google forms is also like the aboves. But don't worry, I will give you the direct link to google forms.

But remember to open the site in desktop mode in mobile.

Steps To create Google forms in Mobile

Here are all the steps that is the guide to create google forms in mobile. Follow all the steps for better understanding.

Step 1:- Go to the website

The direct link of google form site is given above. Just click the 'Google Forms' button and open the website in desktop mode.

Step 2:- Create a New Form

After opening in desktop mode you will se the this '+' icon. Click on it and create a new blank form.

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Step 3:- Add the Necessary Fields

Now add the essential fields like Name, Email, Phone Number or Message.

Hot to create contact form in google form,

The numbering is given to each section in the image given above.

  • Click on the Section 1 and remove 'Untitled Form' and add 'Contact Form'.
  • If you want to add a description for your form you can write by clicking the secdtion 2.
  • Replace the 'Untitled Question' from 'Name' in section 3.
  • You can add more fields like the default one by clicking the plus icon present in the section 6.
  • If you want to set a field as required then you can switch on the required button for the field by clicking the section 4.
  • In section 5, you can choose the type of answer you want to get from the visitors.

How to embedd Google forms in blogger?

Follow the below given steps to add the created contact form in blogger.

how to get embedd code of google form,

Step 1:- Copy the embedd Code

Click on the 'SEND' button and then on embedd option. Copyt the given code by just clicking the 'Copy' button.

You can also set the width and height of the form by adjusting the options. But, I will recommend you to keep it default.

Step 2:- Create a Page in blogger

Now go to the blogger dashboard and create a new page named 'Contact Us'.

Step 3:- Edit the HTML

Now click on the pencil icon and then on 'HTML View' option.

Step 4:- Paste the code and publish

Paste the code in the blank field which you have copied and publish the page.


I hope you understand it well and if you have any problem or suggestion you may contact me on my social handles or fill the contact form by visiting the contact us page.

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