How to use Keyboard and Mouse in Mobile | All keyboard shortcuts in mobile

How to use my computer keyboard in mobile,

If you don't have a PC or Computer and you use a keyboard and mouse in smartphones, then you should know these keyboard shortcuts for mobile.

These keyboard shortcuts will improve your typing speed, saves your time and you can do more work in less time.

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Why to use keyboard in Mobile?

If you are preparing for some type of examination and you don't have a PC currently you can't afford a computer, but you only have to enhance the typing speed, then you can take a keyboard.

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How to use a keyboard in Mobile?

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The may problem is that how to use the keyboard in mobile. But, don't worry. This problem is not too big. It can easily be solved. You can use the keyboard and mouse in mobile using a OTG.

You just inset the OTG in you phone's charging point and then insert the keyboard's USB in the OTG and start using it.

Please note that you have to buy the OTG after watching the type of charging point of your phone.{alertSuccess}

Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts for Mobile

Use these shortcuts to improve your typing experience. These shortcuts will work hundred percent.

Mouse Shortcuts

If you have the wireless keyboard and mouse combo then the mouse will also work in mobile. But, the function will be different from computer.


The right-click only works as the back button in mobile. When you do right-click the current window will be backed.


The functions of the left-click of mouse in mobile is same as in the computer. And the functions are:
  • Single click is used to click any button.
  • Double click on any text will select the text
  • Triple click on any text will select the whole paragraph/line

Mouse Wheel

The wheel also works the as it works in computer. But the difference is that when you click the wheel it directly take you to the home screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts are same as the shortcuts used in the computer. But, few of them are different.

Shifting Between Tabs

When you are using the chrome browser then you should not need to click on the tab icon to shift between tabs. You can easily shift through these shortcuts.
  • CTRL + Tab will take you the next tab if you have opened.
  • CTRL + Shift + Tab will take you to the previous tab
  • CTRL + N will open a new and fresh tab

Taking Screenshots

You can also take screenshot using the F12 key that is the 12th button of function keys.

You can also take screenshots by clicking the print screen button present just after the delete button.

Shifting between Apps

On clinking the ALT + Tab you can easily shift between the application if opened. To shift between apps you have to click the botton two times fastly.

Basic Shortcuts

The basic shortcuts are the shortcuts which are as same as in the PC. And these are:
  • CTRL + A selects all item available on the screen.
  • CTRL + C copies the selected item.
  • CTRL + V pastes the cut/copied item.
  • CTRL + F opens a search box
Like the above shortcuts, there are many shortcuts that are available and can make your typing speed faster from fast.


You can easily use keyboard and mouse in mobile, but the mobile should support an OTG connection.

In some phones OTG settings has to be done everytime when you connect an OTG.

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