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how to write articles in hindi in WordPress, how to write articles in hindi in WordPress by

Have you started a hindi blog on wordpress?

And don't know how to type in hindi font in wordpress, then don't worry.

It is very easy to use the hindi font in blogger as Google provides an inbuilt feature in blogger with the help of which you can write your articles in many language.

With the help of Google Input Tool chrome extension, you can write articles in many language in wordpress.

But what to do when using the mobile to write articles. Don't worry I have explained two ways to write articles in hindi in wordpress.

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How to write articles in hindi in wordpress?

I have explained two ways, but first one will only work in mobile phones. The Second method is very interesting and can be used both in mobiles and PCs.

While writing articles in hindi in mobile you can use the Gboard app to do this. You can either do voice typing or use the hindi keyboard in Gboard app settings.

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Step 1:- Open Plugin Section In WordPress

where is plugin section in wordpress dashboard

Open the WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugin section present in the list on the left hand side of the interface.

Step 2:- Click On Add New Plugin

how to add new plugin in wordpress

On the top left corner you will see the 'Add new' option. Click on it.

Step 3:- Search For 'Type Hindi' and Install the Plugin

best wordpress plugin for writing articles in hindi

On the right side there is a search box. Click On it and search for 'Type Hindi'. Install and activate the "WPHindi - Type in Hindi in WordPress" plugin by 'Zozuk'.

Step 4:- Add a New Post

how to add a new post in wordpress

Now go to the Post section on the top left side nad then click on add new post to test the newly installed plugin.

Step 5:- Use The Plugin

hindi typing in wordpress

Now you will see a new button add to your editor. When it is enabled, the hindi is being typed. You can easily enable and disable the hindi writing by just clicking that button.


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