How to Increase Organic Traffic on new Blog? Best Trick In 2021

If you want to increase the organic traffic, but don't know how to increase the organic traffic on your blog, don't worry I will show you a trick that is an outstanding trick to increase organic traffic.

how to increase organic traffic on new blog, best trick in 2021,

When you start a new blog, it only gets the referral traffic, but that is not enough for AdSense. Your blog should have some organic traffic to get AdSense approval in 2021. But the main query is that how will I get enough referral traffic to the blog.

In this post, I have fully explained what is traffic? what is referral traffic? what is organic traffic? and much more about increasing traffic on blogs.

The first Three sections are for those who don't know about traffic and new to blogging. if you just want to know the trick then you can skip these three sections.

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What Is Traffic?

When anyone visits your blog, it is known as a visitor and if many people visit your blog or a website then it's grouped and called the traffic of the blog. From where the visitors are coming decides the type of traffic on the blog.

There are many types of traffic, but I have summarized only two of them: Referral and Organic traffic.

What Is Referral Traffic?

If you have started a blog, you surely have shared it on social media and some of your friends or any people visited your blog by clicking the link you have shared on that platform.

The traffic from the social platform is referral traffic and AdSense consider it less than the organic traffic. If your blog has more referral traffic than organic traffic then your blog will not get monetized.

What Is Organic Traffic?

This type of traffic is more considerable for Adsense approval as this type of traffic comes to your blog when people visit your blog from google searches.

This means that when someone searched for something and your blog comes in the result and it is clicked, it is known as the organic traffic. You will get AdSense approval when your blog gets at least ten organic traffic daily.

How To Increase Organic Traffic of Blog?

This is a very simple trick and it can be done using your mobile phone. You need a link shortener tool so that you can easily create a short link because a big link will be generated during this trick.

To do this trick you need a link shortener tool. You can use any link shortener tool. It is not necessary to use a particular tool. If you want to earn money then you can also use a link shortener tool that pays you.

Free link shortener tool that pays:

These are some well-known link shortener that pays you money for shorting links.

Link Shortener Websites That Pay


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I have provided the list of ten sites on which you can make your account and earn money by just shortening the URLs. I will use Bitly to explain in this post.{alertSuccess}

How to increase organic traffic on New Blog?

These steps can be done using your phone and this is so simple to do this. First of all, I will show you my analytics without performing this step.

how to increase organic traffic in 2021,

Here you can clearly see that the traffic source is showing social and direct. After the trick, this will show as organic. Let's start the trick.

Step 1: Open the webpage.

Go to the page which you want to share with your friends and copy the full URL.

Step 2: Search the link in Google Dorks keyword 'site:'.

Open any browser that you use on your phone or pc and paste the link and add 'site:' just before the URL. For example, I have to open '' then I will search for ''

google dorks example in 2021,

A page will open just copy the link of that web page and share it with your friends or if you want to short it then you can easily do this with the help of the Bitly link shortener tool. I am supposing that you know how to create short links with Bitly.

Now when someone visits the short link you have created this page will load and the page on your website that you have shared will appear at the top. When it is clicked organic traffic will be shown.

You can clearly see that there is organic traffic on the page after that trick. I have only one because I have shared it on WhatsApp and my one friend opened it. You share your link in every possible place so that your traffic increase.


I hope you successfully understand the trick and it will help you in increasing organic traffic. Thank you for reading this post. Share it everywhere and help the communities to increase organic traffic. If you have any query you can contact me or comment down. 

Aniket Kumar Singh

Aniket Kumar Singh, the founder and author of this blog, is a student of class 11th from Science stream - PCM Who lives in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India.

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